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Water quality monitoring and analysis

Water quality monitoring is essential to gathering reliable, informative data to support effective water resource management. By monitoring chemical, biological, and other water quality indicators, researchers, and citizen scientists are gathering important information to support spatial and strategic planning, detect and respond to pollution incidents, and inform decisions related to conservation, service provision, and environmental compliance.


Our water monitoring collaboration is tapping into new sources of data in the research community and through citizen science, and translating hydrological and water quality science into community action.

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Citizen science and water monitoring

Citizen science involves collaborations between trained scientists and concerned citizens in data collection, analysis, or reporting - in this case, for water quality science and management.


Aksi Brantas supports citizen science to collect several kinds of data, including:

  1. Chemical water quality parameters;

  2. Observational data, such as the presence of aquatic species or pollutants; and

  3. Microplastics data.

This data is used for both public education as well as participatory policy analysis and advocacy.

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