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Aksi Brantas is a learning and communication platform for sharing
citizen-science and water quality research findings,

models of community engagement and organization for solid waste, wastewater, and river management,

and other educational and community programs to promote river health.  

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"BrantaSae" is a developing web-based platform for sharing geo-tagged water data and solutions. The platform is a collaboration of Brawijaya University, ClimateScan, Technical University of Delft, and Hanzehogeschool Groningen.  

Citizen science

Aksi Brantas supports citizen science to collect several kinds of data, including:

  • Chemical water quality parameters

  • Biological data, such as the presence and condition of aquatic species

  • Observational data, e.g. pollution sources

  • Microplastics data


Our work involves analysis of gendered water quality challenges, the strengthening of women's participation in water governance, and the recommendation of guidelines for gender mainstreaming in Brantas IWRM.

Learning community

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