Clean industry

Industry commitment to a cleaner Brantas and the expanded development of cost-efficient wastewater treatment is essential to reducing the load of chemical pollutants entering water resources via untreated wastewater discharge. 

Our clean industry work brings together stakeholders from industry, universities, government, and NGOs to explore innovative and cost-effective solutions for wastewater management, including green infrastructure filters and underwater drones, new models of industry water stewardship and water quality-related corporate social responsibility (CSR), and institutional and informational support for environmental compliance.

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We are laying the groundwork for a Brantas Clean Industry Hub to support industries to transform wastewater management. Working towards this goal, partners are preparing space by:

  • Facilitating capacity-building and training activities for wastewater-producing industries;

  • Advising companies on the adoption of profitable wastewater technologies, such as heat recovery, nutrient recovery, and water recovery;

  • Providing business-to-business (B2B) advisory support to implement technologies; and

  • Sharing innovative business models, including approaches to incorporate PPP and corporate social responsibility for water quality.


Our clean industry movement is supported by government and business aims to match technologies and management practices with the particular needs of industries in the Brantas.